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Equine America Supplements

The best supplements for your equestrian requirements.

All items that fall under the KM Elite Products Manufacturer

Point Two Air Jackets & Point 2 Accessories.


D3O is a patented technology combining enhanced chemistry, engineering and design to produce high performance shock absorption and impact protection solutions. It flows freely when moving slowly to provide maximum flexibility, but on impact it locks together to absorb energy, before instantly returning to its flexible state.


Stirrups including Jump25 stirrups & FreeJump Stirrups.


Bridlework collection made of buffalo leather. This leather is strong and long lasting and particularly adapted for an intensive daily use. This collection combines an original design with a real comfort for the horse. Buckles are of silver-plated brass.


Products for greyhounds including Greyhound Cortaflex HA

This category provides the customer an area to search for Leather Reins, Stirrup Leathers, Draw Reins, Leather Studguard Girths, Leather Girths, and Spur Straps etc
Selection of Spurs from the Pessoa range. The "S" eyelet positions the spur strap better whilst the rubber band grips the boot better, thus holding the position of the spur

A selection of Zinc coated spurs from 15mm, 20mm & 30mm.

Products for your dog.
Products for people including Cortaflex.
Gel-Eze gives added comfort to saddle pads, witherpads and underbandages.

High quality lambswool/sheepskin products from the Stephens Equine range including saddle pads, GP numnahs, dressage numnahs and dressage squares.

Fly masks including the Cashel Crusader Fly Mask and Cashel Crusader Leg Guards.

For all your equestrian grooming needs - including Absorbine and Cowboy Magic.

Accessories for you and your horse including the Cashel Soft Saddle.
Bandages and boots for your horse.
Horse wear including high quality and durable Baker American stable blankets/rugs.
Equine products including bandages.
Products for your yard that will make your life easier
A Selection Of Grooming Brushes and products including Oster and The Borstiq Range
Products For The Rider Making Life More Comfortable & Easier.
Items That Might Have Label Or Packaging Damage. Near To Best Before Date Or Discontinued Lines.
Some NEW products that have recently appeared in our range. This category changes regularly. Visit again soon!
A selection of high quality case hardened studs, designed to last longer whilst providing performance throughout.

Corta-Vet Products along with other medical supplies for horses needing the extra attention.

TubTrugs. A most useful tool for the Stable and around the Yard. Flexible, Durable, U.V. and frost resistant with super strong handles.

A Selection of whips from different brands.