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Oster have very much made themselves a market leading name when it comes to horse grooming. With their statement reading “Happy Pets, Happy People”, this brand has gone to great lengths to offer the very best equine product offering. No end of professionals in the grooming world use this brand and its products.

Oster – their wider range

We sell a selection of Mane & Tail Brushes, Hoof Picks and Body Brushes. From The Oster Range, this includes their Face Grooming Brush, 7 piece Grooming Kit Blue and 7 piece Grooming Kit Pink. For the complete selection of grooming items, look no further than the Oster Grooming Kit. Containing 7 items, this features brushes, a comb, hoof pick and carry bag. This is a must buy product for any serious equestrian riders.

Priced at £5.99, the Oster Mane Tail Comb is available in pink and blue. This is perfect for any horse and especially ideal in terms of its design for longhaired horses. Its design is such that it’s claws are soft and also upon use, you can be sure of no more ripped out hairs. This alone ensures enhanced comfort for the horse.

As a brand, they continue to lead the way for any products and accessories necessary for horse grooming. Their items are of great quality and incredibly well design. To add to this, they are also incredibly easy to use for the end user.

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