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Outdoor Hands Hand Creams

Outdoor Hands is a non-greasy, no nonsense, intense hand cream enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. These vitamins work well to help soothe and repair cracked, dry and tired hands. The cream is incredibly reliable and a high end product that has been fully dermalogically tested and is Paraben Free.

This is for sure the perfect brand to look to for those who work and play outdoors. This alone is why Outdoor Hands is so well place to tailor to the needs of the equestrian market. To add to this, this is also idea should you be a manual tradesmen or similar.

Outdoor Hands Intensive Skin Care is a product we sell made made from a unique blend of Natural Butter, Botanical Oils, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. Simply apply a small amount to hands and other areas of dry skin, rub in well. You will soon feel the benefits of the cream and be able to see the recovery of your skill back to a suitable state. Overall, this is a wholly and ethically UK manufactured product.

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