OXER Socks

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OXER socks, believe their socks enhances your performances so you can reach the highest potential. Made and woven with the finest quality materials available, this offers you the best comfort possible whilst horse riding. This is a brand that strives to manufacture and offer the most durable and comfortable horse riding socks available.

Craftmanship, comfort and the materials used are just a handful of the core elements that have all been carefully considered. As a sock manufacturer, Oxer have made a name for themselves in the manner they keep constant contact with their end users. This is done in an effort to enable them to refine the quality to which they are able to offer the perfect overall horse riding socks.

Competition and Padded Horse Riding Socks

Their most notable product are their Competition Horse Riding Socks. Sold in packs of 3, they are light and comfortable. They are also noted as being the best horse-riding sock to wear under tight fitting riding boots. The same too can be said also for their Padded Horse Riding Socks. This variety however is known for its warmth and comfort, making it perfect for wintertime riding.

OXER overall really are the premium brand of the horse riding socks market. This is all they do after all. When you purchase their horse riding socks, what’s unique is no attention to detail is spared and therefore the end product is of a super high quality.

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