Horse Therapeutic Magnetic Rugs

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Horse Therapeutic Magnetic Rugs

The Horse Therapeutic Magnetic Rugs gives you the opportunity to reduce recovery times. It will also help provide relief from aches and pains, help speed up the recovery of soft tissue damage and more importantly, keep your horse and pony in better shape overall.

The Kentucky Horsewear Magnetic Recuptex Horse Rug is the sole Therapeutic Magnetic Rug we stock. This is a highly unique and sophisticated product which reflects magnetic fields back into the horse’s body and can be used to treat many different ailments. As a result, the state of the art materials, woven into the rug, helps to stimulate the horse’s blood flow and circulation and therefore, increase oxygen flow.

As a type of rug, it uses ground breaking technology and it’s development has come off of the back of the ongoing research and development Kentucky Horsewear has undertaken in their wider product offering in more recent times. Overall, this product carries with it a remarkable invention that has really helped horses in the past suffering from a range of conditions.

Used by both amateur and professional riders. The magnetic horse rug is used both pre and post competition.

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