Over 15 years ago, whilst working as an IT support engineer in London, I came across Equine America’s range of human Cortaflex products. Having been suffering from arthritic pains and general signs of wear & tear on my knees and ankles (due to an active youth either playing sports or snowboarding & skiing), I struggled many mornings to get out of bed without being in some form of knee and lower leg discomfort.

I had used all the usual pain killers and anti-inflammatory, to ease the pain, but nothing changed my life like Equine America’s Cortaflex. Back in the days when I first took, Cortaflex, it was a foul tasting liquid. Not the easiest of liquids to drink, but I had to give it a try, as a friend who knew of Equine America’s products, had told me much about the product. So holding my nose I gave it a go…..

Well after 3 weeks of pretty much double dosing morning and night, the pain had gone…. but I was unsure at to whether it was the Cortaflex that had made my discomfort disappear. Nonetheless I completed the distasteful, routine  intake and consumed the Cortaflex liquid until every drop had gone.

I decided that it must have just been luck. That at the very same time I was taking Cortaflex, my health had just improved, hence my knee pain had gone. At that point I decided that the one bottle was enough. I wasn’t prepared to invest in another bottle, because “how could such an unknown product REALLY do such wonders to my arthritic pain??

But it was about a month to six weeks later when the knee pain started again.  I thought that this would be a great time to do my own trial. So holding my nose once more, the trial began.

Once again my results were great within days the pain had gone and I generally felt better overall. Whether or not the continual knee discomfort had been bringing me down, and making me feel lethargic, I was unsure but Cortaflex had definitely helped me. There was no question.

With such great results for myself, I had to tell my story and share this success with colleagues at work. I met with Equine America and told them of my plans to tell the world about their products (that pretty much unless you were in the horse world would have never known of).  Almost inadvertently I invested my first £100 in their human and canine Cortaflex products with the plan to resell them. From that point it was off to work I went. After raving to my colleagues about the products, it was clear I had had potential customers with arthritic dogs and arthritic joints themselves. Well, my initial success rate was 100%.

Now dogs have a faster metabolism than people, so results are always going to show faster but as my friends and colleagues, having seen the results in their pets, all of a sudden wanted Cortaflex for either themselves, their parents, aunties or uncles. So it was back to Equine America I went and it was time to reinvest some more money in Cortaflex.

I spent those next 12 months whilst working in London, selling Cortaflex to anybody I felt it could help. They would try it, would be impressed and would tell their friends and then they would tell their friends. I spoke to independent chemists, and got it on the shelves. Physios and chiropractors would then sell it to their clients. Kennels and pet shops and even caravan retirement locations. At weekends I would give up my time to attend dog agility shows, setting up a little table full to the brim with Cortaflex, telling my story to anyone who would listen about why people should give this amazing unknown product a try.

After a year of re-investing my profits in the products, I decided that it was time to give up the office job in London and start up a full time Cortaflex distribution business of my own. And that was when the Just Equine Ltd, as it is today, was born. After 13 years of continuous effort, time away from home and dedication to a product I strongly believe in, the business continues to steadfastly grow. Having branched into the equestrian side of the business now, I feel that the potential of the equestrian side along with the human and canine sales of Cortaflex, can only help Just Equine Ltd grow in strength.

If you have found the time to read this, then it could be you are a customer of Just Equine already and it is due to customers like yourself that Just Equine continues to trade. So thank you. I am grateful for your support. And if there is anything I can ever do to help please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Best Wishes