Dy'on Bridles

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Dy’on Bridles

The Dy’on trademark is a guaranteed label of satisfaction. This is very visible when you see the quality of their horse riding products across their wider range. Most of all, this is a brand of distinction. Their high quality products are endorsed by many notable riding ambassadors in the jumping and eventing circles.

The Dy’on Collection spans a great selection. We sell Bridles, Nosebands, Reins, Breastplates, martingales, Training aids, Head collars, Blinkers and more. The Working Collection is a very logical choice. Ideal of any yard, they offer the rider an alternative for use at home. All items are made from the very highest quality Buffalo Leather and have a refined look and design. Customers can buy these products across all categories.  Customers can also expect us to purchase in all products not listed.

First of all, the Dy’on Collection Bridle With Anatomic Noseband is a great example product made solely to enhance the comfort of the horse. Customers should buy the Running Martingale as the perfect product to complement the Dy’on Collection Bridles with the stunning cream stitching and brass fittings.

The Working Collection Rubber Reins are likewise a great set of reins at an affordable price and will suit many other brands of bridles. Therefore, they offer excellent functionality with fancy cream stitching and also silver plated engraved fittings to match the Dyon Working Collection Bridles.

The brand has excelled in producing high-quality products across its extensive collection. Notably, this includes luxurious grade 1 catalan leather, brass and stainless steel fittings, among others.

Dy’on has dedicated significant effort to crafting the finest products. For those in the market for premium riding gear, Dy’on should be the first consideration.

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