Point Two Air Jacket

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With a brand such as Point Two, their air vests have been designed and refined to inflate faster and feel more comfortable for every rider. Through rigorous testing and user feedback, they have been able to constantly improve their products and overall product offering.

Point Two Air Jacket & Air Vests

The Point Two Air Jacket & Air Vests is a brand we continue to stand by and supply. Made in England, we believe that Point Two Air Jackets offer the fastest protection on the market. Inflated in 0.08s, the Point Two Air Jacket provides vital protection in a blink of an eye should the rider fall from the horse. Supplier of air vests to 14 nations at the London Olympic Games. The popularity in the brand continues to grow year after year and with their offering of a lifetime warranty, why trust any other brand.

We also stock other items and accessories, including their Lanyards, that triggers the jacket airbag system should you fall from the saddle. This also includes Point Two Air Jacket Saddle Attachments, attachable to each stirrup bar. These come complete with ‘D’ ring, that enables you to attach the lanyard of your air jacket. This is key to potentially protect you from injury when riding in case of a fall.

When it comes to protective riding jackets and accessories, Point Two Air Jacket is a brand which is hard to ignore. We retail their jackets as well as the essentials to go and work with their jackets for an enhanced horse riding experience.

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