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Stübben is a specialist in equestrian accessories. As a brand, they combine proven craftsmanship traditions with modern functionality. In purchasing its products across a most impressive range, they carry the USP of being made with the very best materials. No end of R & D or attention to detail is likewise spared in the manufacture of its products also.

The use of Stübben leather care on Stübben leatherwork or any other accessory contributes to a long life cycle across its range. At the same time, this also guarantees highest comfort for horse and rider. Across a massive range, Just Equine has worked hard to choose the very best items from its wider range. We are however able to buy in any other products upon request.

Stübben Hammerhead Spurs

Stübben offer an excellent range of Spurs, including their Offset Hammerhead Spurs. They are able to help you keep your feet in a natural riding position. They feature a non-slip material and allow the rider to form the spur to the individual size, need and comfort. One of their most useful products are their Pelham Roundings. They are designed to be used with pelhams and gags. They allow you to use one rein, rather than two and feature a durable cord. This is unique when compared with similar products from other leading brands.

Stübben is a brand that really does engineer its products really very well. Testament to this, as noted, is long-lasting durability and reliability of its products. Though we have a selected range of products, there are many more available for your horse, which we also recommend. Overall, this is a brand which offers excellent quality leather products for any horse / equestrian requirement.

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