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Pessoa Spurs & Rugs

The Pessoa Spurs have come about through the extensive knowledge and experience of Nelson and Rodrigo Pessoa. From their training and showing experience, they have gathered extensive knowledge of the effects and use of spurs within the equestrian industry. As a result, this knowledge has led to some of the best known horse riding spurs on the market today. Made by Metalab, the rubber spurs with the unique “S” shaped eyelet will probably continue to be referred as the so called “Pessoa Spurs” even though the Pessoa branding has now been removed off the spurs in 2021.

The black rubber grip of the Spurs prevents movement and therefore also protect your expensive riding boots. The “S” eyelets of the spurs helps prevent the spur straps from slipping through. As a result this helps to keep your spurs in the perfect position on the ankle. This in turn will also reduce pressure points.

Pessoa Prince Of Wales Spurs and our Hammerhead Spurs are just a few of the designs available to the rider. From 15mm to 30mm, the choice is unique to every rider. Across all of the spurs we sell, they are all made from stainless steel. The great thing is they are hard wearing and long lasting and can be easily adjusted to fit the riders foot by pulling the spur arms in and out.

Designed to the exacting standards of professional riders, these horse riding spurs are used all around the world for all disciplines. Pessoa is very much a premium brand with all of its products known for their excellent reliability and strength. Their design make them perfect for both private and competition horse riding.

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