Horse Turnout Rugs

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Lightweight, Mid weight & Heavyweight Horse Turnout Rugs

The horse turnout rugs available in our range are the ultimate luxury in turnout rugs. The best that money can buy. The turnout rugs include weights and fillings that range from 0gr to 300gr and as a result, will allow you to find the best rug for your horse. Our turnout rugs use high quality innovative fabrics that are not only durable and resistant to wear, but thanks to years of research in the textile industry will keep your horse warm and dry.

The best in the range offering performance and comfort is our Turnout Rug All Weather Waterproof Pro. Thanks to the 1680D high tenacity polyester waterproof  fabric and breathable coating, you can relax knowing that your horse is turned out in a horse rug that will allow them to face all types of weather conditions. Unlike any other turnout rug, the All Weather Waterproof Pro is the first rug to be lined with a gorgeous soft faux fur lining. The 300gr filling makes it the ultimate turnout rug, when combined with the 150gr neck.

Another great rug in the range is the Kentucky All Weather Classic Turnout Rug. Available in four different weights, the range is perfect to suit all different weather conditions and climates. The All Weather Classic is available from 0gr, 50gr, 150gr and 300gr. Made with a durable ripstop material, the outside of the rug is a really strong 600D, breathable and tear resistant thanks to its structure. The lining is made using a smooth and strong polyester (210T). The Polyester is easy to maintain, does not withhold smells and will always move back into place.

Thanks to the clever idea of the optional weights, riders and owners have reported that they often combine the Kentucky Lightweight Stable Rug underneath the turnout rug classic to give ultimate comfort and protection from the weather. The different weights allow you to find the best suited combined weight suited to the horses climate.

As you will see we have many Turnout Rugs to choose from. Take a look and find what rug best suits your horse and the climate you live in. If it doesn’t get extremely cold, then you probably don’t need the All Weather Pro, of course that is unless you don’t want to spoil them. But do take note of the point of layering up your rugs. Kentucky have the answer to many of your rugging problems, and should you have any questions, then we are only a phone call away.

As you can see we have a range of lightweight turnout rugs and more heavyweight turnout rugs too. Reach out if you have any queries.

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