Horse Half Pads

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Horse Half Pads


Horse half pads are an essential bit of kit. They include half pads that can be used for everyday riding and also more innovative shock absorbing half pads, which as a result can help to improve performance, when your horse is competing.

Some of the recent half pads are now available with inserts that allow you to adapt the shape of the half pad, which in turn allows you to alter the position of how your saddle sits.

What is the best half pad for horses?

Half pads are very different from the early days. Nowadays the half pads contain materials that include shock absorbing foam, memory foam and shock absorbing gel. We stock a range of half pads that we believe are the best on the market offering the best protection for your horse. As a result the new designs not only enhance protection on your horses back, but some can infact enhance performance for any competition sport horse, by reducing pinching and pressure points on your horses back.

The memory foam intelligent half pad, fills any voids between the saddle and the back. With removable memory foam inserts, it is easy to wash and is also fully breathable, it is also available in both thick and thin options and as a result will allow you to find a suitable pad for your horses.

The sheepskin anatomic half pad is one of the most popular in the range and used everyday around the world with both professional and amateur riders. Designed to protect your horse, the anatomic shape takes pressure away from the withers, whilst insuring the different layers absorb shockwaves penetrating into the horses back. Clicking on the link above or here will allow you to see various images, that demonstrate the reduction of pressure with and with out a Kentucky Half Pad.

Weather it is an endurance horse or eventer and show jumper. We believe we offer the best half pads on the market. The anatomic half pad is another great pad added to the range. Discreet and effective, it is sold without the added sheepskin and more importantly will not affect the fit of the saddle, thank to the foam layers compressing down inside the pad. A great work pad that firm favourite with both professional and amateur horsemen and horse women.

If you are looking for a half pad to add style and comfort to your look, then look no further than the KM Elite Sheepskin Half Pad. Sold for many years now, the pad uses real sheepskin woven onto a durable cotton backing. Sold in an array of colours, this is the perfect entry level pad for riders wanting something affordable.

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