Horse Head Collars & Lead Ropes

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Head Collars & Lead Ropes

Horse Headcollars and Lead Ropes very much go hand in hand when it comes to horses. Also known as a halter, they are a must have item for all horse owners as they basically allow for you to handle your horse safely. We have made a lot of effort to ensure our customers have the best quality when it
comes to overall choice. Our current range includes Headcollars and Lead Ropes by Ezyloader, Kentucky Horsewear and KM Elite.

A premium product, the Kentucky Horsewear Anatomic Leather Head Collar is easy to maintain, water and dirt resistant and unique in the fact it is made from vegan friendly leather.

For something a bit different, we also have the KM Elite Nylon Head Collars. Bright in colour. Soft and durable. They are a customer favourite at an affordable price with lead ropes to match.

The lead ropes we stock are strong and durable with either nickel or brass plated fastenings. The  KM Elite Cotton Double Braided Lead Rope is comfortable in the hand and available in a range of pretty colours. Fitted with brass plated swivel bolt snaps, this lead rope is a customer favourite on our site.

The Kentucky Lead Rope Loop is more expensive than other ropes on the website but for a reason. With its unique loop idea, clips and stallion chains can be easily changed over to suit your purpose.

With such a great selection of Headcollars and Lead Ropes available. We are certain you will be able to find one that suits your needs. Whether it’s a matching set or stylish leather and suede, being able to control your horse is vital and we are able to offer this for all horse riders.

Explore the full collection of horse leads and collars and reach out to us if you have any potential questions and the Just Equine customer services team will be more than happy to help you further.

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