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Equine America

Equine America offer a superior range of supplements includes the proven Cortaflex. The popular product is suitable for Horses, Cats, Dogs as well as Humans. Founded in South Carolina, USA, Equine America’s supplements have revolutionised the use of nutritional supplements. Their supplements provide nutritional support for common conditions affecting horses, as well as other animals.

Competitively priced, the quality of the ingredients in Equine America’s range is vastly superior to many of its competitors. This is why Equine America has become a market leader for supplements worldwide today. For some time to come, they will continue to keep re-inventing their products.

Each of their products contain ingredients which work together to achieve optimum equine health and performance. Their product range can help to to ease pains and promote supple joints and improved agility. With the changing nature of how horses are now living, there is now a product for every possible requirement.

Equine America Better Bones quite simply promotes stronger, more dense bones with its excellent content of Di-calcium Phosphate (calcium and phosphorus). It’s Buteless Liquid can great help horses suffering from pain or inflammation and is free of Bute Substances. Ideal for nutritional problems, its Progest WT Powder is ideal in case your horse may not be obtaining the necessary nutrients from its food.

Equine America continues to lead the way when it comes to the supply and provision of supplements in the equestrian world. They are forever innovating, looking to come up with the next best product which all equestrian riders will require, ahead of the competition. They are the market leader, constantly developing new supplements for the horse and dog world.

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