Tech Stirrups

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Tech Stirrups are a range of stirrups manufactured specially for riders looking for exceptional performance. Made from aluminium, their design offers the rider great strength, reliability and robustness. To summarise, “Tech Stirrups products are born from the union between technology, innovation and by listening the riders’ need in the different equestrian discipline”. They make the finest quality stirrups where each design has had no detail spared.

Tech Stirrups

The Tech Stirrups “Venice” have a revolutionary magnetic mechanism positioned on the tread. This enables, in case of need, the opening of a ring portion, making easy the escape of the foot. From this, the mobile part automatically returns to its original position. It’s design is significant and this mechanism is somewhat unique. This is definitely a great product for any rider.

The Tech Stirrups Venice Childs Safety Stirrups also carry with them the same design and technology. In addition a major key factor of these stirrups are that they are made from lightweight aluminium. In addition the stirrups are treated with a 20 micron anodization, this also helps to preserve the look and quality of the stirrups. Their design is also one which is able to prevent the build up of mud and water during use.

Overall, Tech Stirrups offer a great robust design for the rider, enabling harsh, hard riding. This is a product of great comfort. Additionally, we are able to offer them in a wider range of colours and styles. Overall, this is a brand we offer which we are constantly looking to develop. Much of this is down to the level of choice we are able to offer the customer. You will very quickly appreciate why this is such a popular brand.

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