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As a brand LoveHorses was founded with the principal goal of helping riders “to respect ones horse”. Its products are heavily centred around offering comfort for the horse. The materials used across its product range are carefully chosen. Also, its products offer excellent practicality and usability alike.

LoveHorses Bandages

LoveHorses bring you the “Body Bandage” which has two important features. Firstly it protects sores from forming where spurs may rub. Secondly, if sores are already present, the “Body Bandage” allows the horse to be worked without further aggravating the injury. When used regularly, it prevents sores occurring as it acts as a second layer of skin.

Rubbing and abrasions can often cause discomfort for a horse, though this is greatly prevented with this product. In the eventing world this is taken very seriously. This is such that under the current rules, blood found on a horse’s flanks means automatic disqualification. This is definitely an ideal product to prevent any issues.

Overall, the principal product, the body bandage, is an easy to wrap and attach item. No detail has been spared in it’s manufacture. The owner of LoveHorses and his staff all personally test these products to ensure the best quality, performance and efficiency. For a high performance and comforting style of bandage for your horse and riding, look no further than this brand.

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