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TRUST Equestrian offer products that are all optimally geared towards the needs of horses and riders. Based on a unique philosophy of what riders and horses need, TRUST Equestrian have been developing and optimising products for equestrian sport for years. For any competitor looking to purchase the ultimate equipment, this is definitely the go to brand.

Trust Equestrian – innovative since 2008

Since 2008, this is a brand that has become noted for its innovative designs and robustly reliable products. Its users include many of the leading international show jumpers. Best of all however, is its products are universally ideal for both the amateur and professional riders and its range wide and varying. Best of all, with TRUST Equestrian, you really can kit your horse with everything. This ranges from dressage bits, to rugs through to essential accessories.

You must not ignore their Doda Jumping Hind Flick Boots, a completely new and innovative hind boot, offering great safety and comfort for the horse. Another excellent design is their Trust Combination Hackamore Eliptical, with its sweet iron mouthpiece and movable mechanism, perfect for strong horses. Worth noting is the fact the sweet iron is harmless to your horse. A worthy alternative however is the Trust Leather Combination Hackamore; a great bit for young and sensitive mouthed horses, due to the taste and also the softness of the bit.

With TRUST Equestrian, you can be sure of the level to which its products have been stringently and robustly developed. With strength and robustness, you cannot ignore the great comfort these products offer to the horse also. For riders looking for quality items for their horse and riding alike, look no further than TRUST Equestrian products.

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