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  • Sale! Theragun Pro 1

    Theragun PRO

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    • Deep muscle treatment
    • Enhances muscle recovery
    • Release stress and tension
    • Soothe discomfort with smart percussive therapy
    • Free Delivery
    • 2-Year Warranty
  • Theragun Mini

    Original price was: £175.00.Current price is: £130.00. Read more
    • Powerful massage gun
    • Built for portability
    • Hand size
    • 3 speeds
    • 1750, 2100 and 2400 PPM’s
  • Sale! Theragun Elite Shoulder

    Theragun Elite

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    • Relieves muscle tightness & soreness
    • Adjustable speed range
    • 1750-2400 Percussions Per Minutes
    • 60% Deeper than most consumer massage guns


Therabody is a brand that produces percussion therapy products that people trust. Having used their products for sometime, I feel these are a great tool every horse rider and person should have. As a result I believe by looking after yourself after riding out, competing or after exercise, can help reduce downtime and lower recovery times. The sooner you are in the saddle the better. If riding is your job, then you need to be at your best. The standards in competition are at the highest they have ever been and you need to be the best in what you do, home therapy is the key.

The range of products we have chosen comes from a history of using the products. The mini gun sits in my vehicle and comes with me everywhere. It’s a great little tool when sat in traffic, or at the end of a journey. It helps reduce the tension in neck, shoulders and back caused from driving.

It’s a super portable percussion gun and can be taken anywhere with you, thanks to its size. Don’t let its size fool you, it still packs a punch and at only £175, it’s worth every penny!

Five minutes on the neck and shoulders, you’re ready for another 200 miles of travel, its literally that good!

Although I’m not an athlete, many of my colleagues are. Their day involves riding lots of horses every day, keeping them in shape and getting them competition fit. As a result this can create a lot of stress on the body and as we get older we can certainly feel it.

After a stressful day in the office, riding horses all day, a run or work out in the gym, the TheraGun Pro really proves why it is the best in the range.

The arm of the Theragun Pro rotates allowing you to treat hard to reach places getting the results you need. It has 5 built in speeds ranging from 1750 – 2400 percussions a minute. 300 minute total battery life. Smart App integration and 55% quieter than previous generations.

We live in a world that moves faster than ever, as life passes us by, its now important to find time to relax and treat yourself without the use of harmful toxins.

These TheraGun Pro is a high-quality wellness product. The products are a safe and effective way to treat yourself at home, work and travelling.

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