Cashel Fly Masks

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Cashel Fly Masks

Established since 1986, Cashel was founded with the goal of relieving the sore backs of English performance horses with a revolutionary therapeutic saddle pad. Cashel Crusader fly masks are top quality superior fly protection for your horse. The great design ensures great comfort and a fit which is also comfortable for the horse itself. The design of their pads also ensures great UV Protection.

Their pas are available in eight different sizes and four different styles. The Fly Masks are available with and without noses and with and without ears, with a large overall level of choice. From a Foal to a Shire, fly masks are available in all sizes and we even have one for a donkey.

Our Cashel Quiet Ride Bug Armour is a most protective item, which uses soft mesh to shield your horse from flies whilst you’re out riding. Another notable item is their Cashel Crusader Quiet Ride Out Fly Mask, perfect for keeping your horse calm from aggravating, irritating flies and best of all it still allows for excellent vision.

This is very much a premium quality brand for protective horse clothing. These products are easily usable all year round, most of all in the summer time / for summer riding. At present, we have items for every horse riding requirement you can think of when it comes to protective clothing.

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