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Rug Safe equestrian laundry supplier

Rug Safe is a UK based specialist equestrian laundry supplier. It was founded after identifying the equestrian laundry market lacked a superior solution that could keep up with the technical fabric of modern rugs. Their rug-washing products offer superior cleaning for all types of rugs at only 30 degrees. This helps to save you time, money and water. This is a major USP of this brand.

Best of all, their solutions are also very effective in the manner they have been formulated. This is so that they do not damage the delicate material of turn out rugs. They also include anti-bacterial properties that destroy any odours. Among their overall product offering are both rug washes and rug re-proofers.

Their Rug Safe Horse Rug Wash is one of their most popular products. This is the perfect product for washing all varieties of rug and horse wear. Rug Safe Horse Rug Reproof Wash reproofs all types of rugs and coats after washing, improving the breathability of the rug or coat after a wash. A blend of proofing agents maintain breathability of the fabric whilst leaving a durable proofing film that is oil, water and soil repellent.

Overall, Rug Safe is very much a premium brand in the equestrian laundry market. More than this, the reliability of their products is what makes them most ideal for industrial scale laundry. Their products are also perfect given they are very ethically and appropriate put together, meaning they won’t damage your items.

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