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KM Elite

KM Elite Products have built up a reputation for producing the best product in each category. The ever expanding range includes KM Elite Ultimate Oil for horses and canine, Flaxseed Oil and the ever-popular Ultimate Treats. This also ranges across to head collars and lead ropes, all of which are highly popular with riders.

The best thing is not just the great quality but also the affordability of their products also. Where riders may incur stock outs for items such as supplements, this is not such a problem, cost wise. From head collars to tendon boots, lead ropes, whips and of course their supplements, you will see how sensibly priced their products are. This brand enables excellent value for money for riders.

KM Elite Products

The KM Elite Airshock Tendon Boots offer the perfect boot offer fantastic protection and support and feature a lightweight, flexible and durable design. You can expect this tough, durable design also with their KM Elite Airshock Young Horse Fetlock Boots, perfect for competition and everyday use. From their supplement range, their KM Elite Flaxseed (Linseed) Oil contains essential Omega oils – 3, 6 and 9. This is highly recommended for all riders looking to improve their horses coat and shine. This is also very good for the horses immune and digestive system. There are a great number of similar products which also offer great health benefits alike also.

This really is a brand which offers the whole lot for a horse rider / owner. From equipment to supplements and everything else in between, you could buy almost everything you need from this single brand. Best of all to further confirm how great they are, their products all offer incredibly great value for money. You get premium products but not at an unaffordable price.

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