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Orvus Horse Shampoo

Orvus is a solid soapless horse shampoo that is excellent for removing tricky stains. It is a neutral synthetic shampoo and is known for being an incredibly gentle detergent used to clean cattle and horses. It carries with it very notable wetting, penetrating, sudsing and emulsifying properties.

As a product, Orvus shampoo is very popular in the showing and competition / eventing world. This 3.4 kg tub of paste is ideal for yards whether you have one horse or several. It is known for being a long lasting and incredibly effective, reliable product overall. Overall, this Shampoo has long become know to be a product of choice in the equestrian world.

As a brand, their products are ideally suited for horses, dogs and livestock. Likewise, their products are most ideal for horses or dogs with minor skin problems. Its overall quality largely stems from the extensive product testing and R&D that has been carried out over time. Orvus is very much a brand which continues to lead the way and improve when it comes to its shampoos.

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