Kentucky Horsewear

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Kentucky Horsewear range

Kentucky Horsewear make it their mission to provide high quality and stylish products with extreme protection and comfort for your horses during training and competition. This is a brand that puts the protection, comfort and well-being of your horse first at all times. Established since 2011, this has quickly become a market leading brand for horse rugs, girths and horse boots across the globe.

Stylish Horse Rugs

The horse rug range has grown enormously to be a major part of the Just Equine business. Protecting you passion has never been easier than with Kentucky Horsewear range. The stunning range of horse rugs includes the famous and well known Show rugs aswell as Stable Rugs.

Horse Girths

The soft sheepskin and artificial leather used with the Kentucky Horsewear girths is like no other brand on the market. Machine washable, the artificial sheepskin girths is a favourite with professional and amateur riders. Whilst the artificial leather girths are easily wiped down.

Protective Horse Boots

A major product of ours, our Kentucky Horsewear Protective Horse Boots offer the horse maximum protection. D3O technology flows freely, yet locks instantly on impact to absorb energy. It then instantly returns to its flexible state.

Kentucky Horsewear continue to develop new innovative protective boots for your horse. State of the art materials and a professional manufacturing effort, helps Kentucky to deliver new and state of the art performance enhancing boots.

Their Fetlock boots help to enhance the natural flick of the horses hind legs. Likewise, their Tendon boots allow your horse to pull up its fronts legs like no other boot on the market due to its unique design. No detail has been spared when it comes to R & D and this too can be said of many of Kentucky’s other products. Another example and popular product are their Travel Bandages. These are soft and strong and also fully breathable, allowing for better air circulation.

Our sets of Tendon and Fetlock boots are available at a discounted rate. This helps you start your onward journey with your horse. No matter what stage of your journey you may be at when it comes to horse riding. These really are the very best boots on the market.

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