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“Protecting people is our mission” – this is at the core of the products Uvex manufactures and this is only too obvious when you bear in mind the quality of their products. From head to toe, their equestrian equipment is manufactured to the very highest standards, all made in Germany, certified and tested.

This is a brand that has become especially know for its riding hats and riding gloves. As a brand, they have done an excellent job in being able to marry together strength and performance and create products which look smart for the rider. This is definitely a brand to look out for, constantly advancing its equipment.

Uvex – featured products

For the absolute ultimate riding hat, we cannot recommend their Suxxeed Active Riding Hat high enough. Stylish and strong, it offers great ventilation, a necessity helping to keep you cool as you ride. They have been approved to BSI Kitemark and VG1 safety standards. Their Ventraxion Riding Gloves are a very well designed pair of gloves giving you a 4 directional stretch. They also have a touchscreen capability. Their Riding Backpack answers all your backpacking needs thanks to its tough, durable and stylish design. As with all of these products, they offer riders great comfort also. Comfort, style and performance all work hand in hand.

Overall, their range offers a product for rider’s of all levels. Their products all have the necessary attributes to carry out their role ideally for any rider. From beginners to the most advanced riders, Uvex has an excellent product portfolio. To add to this, every product is very easy to use. They are also very efficient too.

Uvex really has made a name for itself in the supply of equestrian wear as being a premium quality brand. With Uvex you really do get what you pay for. For any equestrian rider looking for strength and performance, you must look further at what Uvex is able to offer. Season after season, their range has never failed dissapoint, always getting better time and time again.

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