Horse Rugs

The luxurious edition of the Kentucky Horse Rugs has proven popular with professional, amateur and horse owners that just want the best for their horse. The range includes stylish Show Rugs, Stable Rugs, Turnout Rugs and Coolers. State of the art materials keep your horse warm and dry, when required. Whilst the latest therapeutic fibres help your horses muscles relax with the Recuptex range of products.

The soft faux fur lining is gentle on your horses coat and will not rub your horse. The faux fur creates tiny little air pockets against the horses coat. As a result the air pockets warm up and help to regulate the horse temperature.

The Kentucky Horse Rugs are available in 160gr Show Rug and also 400gr Stable Rug.

Available sizes start from Shetland size, then 5’9 – 7″0.