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Equine America Super Hoof Plus Pellets


  • 30mg of biotin per 100g serving
  • Contains probiotics for good gut health
  • Bioavailable trace minerals including zinc
  • 30 day serving for 500kg horse

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Equine America Super Hoof Plus Pellets

Use Equine America Super Hoof Plus Pellets for enhancing Equine Hoof Health.

Maintaining the well-being of your horse involves comprehensive care, and a crucial aspect of that care is ensuring the health of their hooves. Equine America Super Hoof Plus Pellets have emerged as a reliable solution for addressing hoof concerns and promoting overall equine hoof health.

Crafted with a blend of essential nutrients, these pellets are designed to support strong, resilient hooves. The formula includes biotin, a key ingredient known for its positive impact on hoof quality. Biotin plays a pivotal role in the formation of keratin, a protein that constitutes a significant portion of the hoof structure. By supplementing with Equine America Super Hoof Plus Pellets, you provide your horse with the necessary building blocks for robust hoof development.

In addition to biotin, this specialized formula incorporates trace minerals such as zinc and copper. These minerals contribute to collagen formation, a critical component for maintaining hoof integrity. Collagen provides structural support, enhancing the hoof’s ability to withstand various environmental stressors.

The convenience of pellets makes administering Equine America Super Hoof Plus easy and hassle-free. This palatable form ensures that your horse receives the essential nutrients without any fuss, making it a practical choice for both horse owners and caretakers.

Regular use of Equine America Super Hoof Plus Pellets can lead to visible improvements in the condition of your horse’s hooves. Brittle and cracked hooves may become a concern of the past as the carefully balanced formula addresses deficiencies and supports optimal hoof growth.

It’s important to note that while Equine America Super Hoof Plus Pellets are a valuable addition to your horse’s dietary regimen, a holistic approach to equine care should also include proper hoof trimming, regular exercise, and a well-balanced diet.

In conclusion, prioritizing your horse’s hoof health is integral to their overall well-being, and Equine America Super Hoof Plus Pellets offer a targeted solution to support and enhance the strength and resilience of their hooves. By incorporating these pellets into your horse’s routine, you take a proactive step towards promoting optimal hoof condition and ensuring a happy, healthy equine companion.

What is in Equine America Super Hoof Pellets?

Ingredients Per 100g Serving

Biotin 30mg MSM 5g
Methionine 2000mg Lysine 1900mg
Zinc (from glycinate and oxide) 350mg Copper (from glycinate and sulphate) 30mg
Manganese (from glycinate and oxide) 350mg Calcium3.5g
Probiotic (Saccharomyces cerevisiae MUCL 39885) 2.5 x 1010 cfu Vitamin C900mg
Rosehips 1000mg Milk thistle extract 15mg
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