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Horse Hooves Care

Hooves play an essential part in a horse’s life. Without hooves, a horse is lame and is unable to move. As a result in the wild this can mean certain death, as the horse will be unable to forage for food and escape danger.

Caring for your horses hooves is necessary if you want the horse to live a long happy life and for you also to get the best from your horse.

The hooves are vital to support the horse standing up. They also help absorb shock and concussion, when the horse is walking, trotting and galloping. The walls of the hooves play an important role in shielding the most sensitive part of the inner hoof.

An average sport horse of 16hh would weigh approximate 500kg. This would mean each hoof is supporting on average 125kg each.

It is important that you understand the need to look after your horses hooves. Nutrition plays an important role, but it is also down to the everyday care of the horse owner to look after your horses feet.

It is often necessary that a horse may need additional supplements to help with the condition of the horses hooves. The quality of the hoof can change throughout the year depending on the climate, diet and a change in routine.

Cold continuous wet weather can lead to a soft hoof wall developing and also infections in the hoof such as thrush.

Dry weather can cause hooves to become brittle and therefore lead to cracks and crumbling. An increase in activity, jumping, eventing and galoping can lead to increased concussion through the hoove and so the need to keep the hoof in top condition.

Many people believe that due to the over farming of land, that the nutrients for animals are just not as plentiful as they were many years ago, hence the need to add supplement to the horses diet. At Just Equine we believe that the hoof products available on our website deliver everything a horse needs. Sometimes more expensive than others, we understand that these products use the best ingredients for the horse. Super Hoof Powder Plus delivers a substantial 25mg of biotin per serving. (European studies of vets and nutritionists state that a horse should be fed between 15mg-20mg a day). Super Hoof Powder is essential in promoting a healthy growing hoof and also contains Zinc, Methionine and Sulphur.

Hoof Balm moisturizes, nourishes and protects the horses hoof whilst still allowing it to breathe. This has been done with the emphasis on using natural oils, including Coconut, Avocado, Jojoba and Eucalyptus, which makes this product 100% Natural, Anti Bacterial & Anti-Fungal.

Please be aware that hoof growth is not something that happens overnight and is a result of good horse management, nutrition and regular contact with an experienced farrier.

Be sure to reach out to us if you have any potential questions about any of the horse hooves care products and we will be more than happy to help you further.

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