Dog Bowls

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Dog Bowls

The Dog Bowls from Kentucky Dogwear are an eye catcher that’s for sure. This stunning range includes two solid marble and also now available in also two sizes in Granite. The largest weighing in at 4.5kg. The perfect option to brighten up any kitchen area, when you may feed the dog. The marble and granite dog bowls will look stunning in anybody’s home.

Available in different colours and two different sizes. We are sure you can find the right bowl suitable for your house.

The magic of the bowls available from Just Equine, also prevent your dog from pushing the bowls around the floor when eating. Just check out the results here.

The natural marble will in fact keep your dogs water cooler in the day, helping it to stay fresh for longer. Of course don’t just feel that the bowls can only be used for dogs, why not treat the cat as well.

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