Horse Fetlock Boots

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Fetlock Boots

Fetlock Boots on a horse provide protection and support to horses during showjumping and exercising on all types of surfaces. Whether it be the young horse boot or an elastic fetlock boot. They all serve a purpose, and that is to protect your horse’s legs.

A horse’s lower leg is dense with delicate tendons and ligaments and is definitely an area of the horse that is prone to injury. Horse fetlock boots can also be used to enhance the performance in a horse’s hind action.

Our current range is incredibly focused on protection and also performance. The range of products includes Kentucky Horsewear as well as having products by KM Elite and Doda. The Kentucky Elastic Fetlock Boots is a highly sophisticated product and well suited to offer your horse the ultimate protection when showjumping. Looking at this brand in particular. It has been said that the range of boots absorbs impact more than 50% better than any other boot currently on the market. Thankfully this is the result of the shock-absorbing molecules that line the inside of the boots.

For horses with sensitive skin, the Kentucky Horsewear Sheepskin Fetlock Boots is a favourite with professional and amateur riders. Combining the latest in technical materials. The boots offer a horse vital protection, comfort, and freedom of movement. As a result, this is no way to impede the action of the horse. and benefit from having the patented ProTeck shock absorption gel. For horses competing in age classes. We also have the Kentucky Sheepskin Young Horse Boots, perfect overall for horses competing both in young horse classes (Conforming to FEI & British Showjumping rules) and also for use in general classes. They are also again for horses with sensitive skin and are machine washable.

Investing in a good pair of horse fetlock boots can be a very savvy investment. As a result. Money spent can be the perfect way to ward off the risk of injury to your horse. Hind boots are a great way to protect your horse. Investing in Fetlock boots is the best way to help to increase your chances of reduced injuries behind.

Let us know if you have any questions about our range of Fetlock Horse boots and we will be more than happy to assist you further.

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