Horse Breastplates & Martingales

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Breastplates & Martingales

Breastplates & Martingales allow you to gain more control while riding your horse. Martingales are able to prevent horses and pony’s from lifting their heads too high. This is great for young, novice horses that can often become strong in the hand and lift their head up. The breastplates with martingale attachment is designed to do the same plus, it will also prevent your saddle from slipping out of position, by neatly attaching to the saddle.

The Martingales and breastplates can offer a significant role in how well you are able to enjoy the overall riding experience from your horse. The range we currently hold in stock is wide and varied and suitable for everyday riding and competition use. Currently permitted in British Showjumping and British Eventing (Showjumping Phase), you will often seen them used by many riders at all levels.

The Dy’on range of Breastplates and Martingales is suited to all levels of budgets and meet a whole variety of riding needs overall. The Dy’on Working Collection Running Martingale is a great addition to your Dy’on Working Collection Bridle and offers excellent overall value for money.

The Working Range is made from soft durable leather that enables Dy’on to offer well presented affordable, everyday leatherwork.

For something more premium, the Dy’on New English Collection and Dy’on Collection offer a range made from stunning English leather and finished with either brass or stainless steel fittings. The breastplate is fitted with a bridge and can be supplied with a fully adjustable running martingale attachment. These are very much a luxury range but two that have proven most popular over the years.
Overall, Breastplates and Martingales can be a key part of horse riding and a product to choose carefully. After all, having the right sense of control when riding will only aid and enhance your overall judgement and ensure a more enjoyable riding experience.

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