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Dog Toys

Dog toys have been enriching dogs lives for years and years and are an essential piece of kit when owning a dog. We have a select range of dog toys from our leading brand Kentucky Horsewear that can work incredibly well in helping to keep your canine friend well entertained.

Kentucky Dogwear Alpaca Dog Toy Alfredo could be your dog’s new best friend in no time at all! As a toy, this is the perfect toy to calm your dog and help them settle. Like us, dogs need comfort and dogs need a friend to cuddle. It is unique unlike most soft dog toys in the fact it is made from a soft natural fair trade cotton. Soft and cuddly, the soft approach can help any boisterous dog settle down and relax. Just like the Alpaca, we do also have the Kentucky Dogwear Dog Toy Elephant, Elsa.

For something a bit more common, our Kentucky Dogwear Dog Toy Silicone Bone is a very well designed and made item which gently cleans your dog’s teeth. It is also strong, durable and odourless and above all else, easy to clean. It can also be used for puppies during their teething starts. As a result this can save your furniture as the dog will focus its attention on chewing its bone.

There are so many dog toys to choose from nowadays, however what makes our offering unique is the quality to which they have been manufactured. The very best materials have been used and they are all durable and longer lasting, making them perfect for any dog owner.

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