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Dog Coats

A stunning selection of dog coats suitable for all your doggy needs. Keep your best friend warm and dry in our snug and stylish dog coats, perfect for when the elements are against us in the colder months.

Warm and waterproof. Sparkle & Reflective. We have a dog outfit to suit every occasion. With many of the dog rugs being lined with faux fur, they can prove to be most effective in giving your dogs fur coat the right levels of protection in adverse weather.

Impress your friends with the stylish pearl dog rug and coat. The perfect lounge wear for any pampered pooch. Why not invest in a warm waterproof dog coat for the winter months and as a result will keep your dog warm and dry.

Keep yourself safe at night with the super reflective waterproof coat. Perfect for any exercising dog. Extra safety allows you to combine the reflective lead and collar to the night time outfit.

This is a waterproof coat that allows the dog to run along without getting too hot, thanks to the fact it’s not lined with the usual faux fur. As its name suggests, it is also 100% reflective with a hood which can be folded backwards, left or forwards to ensure maximum reflection.

For something that blends comfort and style, our Black Kentucky Dogwear Dog Coats are perfect for keeping your dog warm in a winter months. It has a soft and gentle lining and is most effective at helping your dog retain its inner heat. Better still, its lining also polishes the dogs coat whilst it is being worn.

Given the fact it rains pretty much all year round in the UK, the Kentucky Dogswear Dog Rain Coat is the perfect product. This is thanks to its lightweight, breathable and comfortable fabric that is also the perfect fit for dogs of all types and sizes. Tailored fitting, its design is very effective and enables your dog a good degree of freedom and movement.

Overall, no detail or quality has been spared when it comes to what you get from a Kentucky Dog Coat. Their range is wide and varied and every item offers a dog excellent levels of comfort and their range also meets every type of requirement you may have.

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