Horse Turnout Boots & Exercise Boots

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Horse Turnout Boots & Exercise Boots

Turnout & Exercise Boots are designed to help prevent injuries and provide support to the horse’s tendons and ligaments whilst in the field and exercising. Having clean, protected legs are the major benefit of turnout boots as they can ward off irritation, mud fever, injury, scuffs, and grazes and can ease many symptoms of any infections or other conditions which can also arise. This is helped largely thanks to the secure manner in which they fit and attach to a horse.

Our offering of horse turnout boots and horse exercise boots is exclusive to Kentucky Horsewear. We offer a very select range of the highest quality boots. This includes the new Kentucky Horsewear 3D Spacer Turnout Boots, a unique product on the market. They offer great protection whilst being 100% breathable. Made with Kentucky’s well-known breathable Solimbra material that allows moisture to pass outwards, away from the skin, and not inwards, towards the skin. As a result, this is able to keep the horse’s legs dry.

When it comes to exercise boots, the most popular in the range is the Kentucky Horsewear Exercise Boots. The best in the range and a boot that has stood the test of time. A premium, high-performance boot that will keep your horses’ legs dry during exercise and turnout. The boots also incorporate a tough, hard-wearing 100% waterproof Solimbra breathable fabric and are lined with a soft faux sheepskin lining and EVA protective inner and are highly comfortable for the horse.

Overall, investing in turnout boots and exercise boots will work very effectively in helping your horse during everyday schooling and turnout, while keeping his legs dry, cool, and comfortable. The boots will provide support and comfort to your horse which can only be a good thing for the performance and wellbeing of any horse.

Let us know if you have any other questions about the horse turnout boots and exercise boots and we’ll be more than happy to help you further.

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