Horse Stable Rugs

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Horse Stable Rugs

Horse Stable Rugs are a year round product and an essential item when it comes to the horse world. Our current stock of Horse Stable Rugs offers a range of rugs for all seasons of the year, which includes both lightweight and heavyweight stable rugs. With what we believe is the best range of horse rugs available to offer. We have very carefully assembled a choice of rugs from luxury brand Kentucky Horsewear. With their unique and innovative fabrics, they offer the very best comfort and protection for your horse. Another great factor in the horse stable rugs we sell is that they offer a great overall weight to warmth ratio for your horse and can work in warm and cold climates.

Kentucky Horsewear is the leading brand in the market when it comes to luxury Horse Stable Rugs. At present, Kentucky are the brand which really are delivering the very products to the market with no detail spared in terms of the quality in which they manufacture their products.

The Kentucky Horsewear Heavyweight Fleece Rug is a highly unique sample product that features a wool-like look, made from 100% polyester. The Fleece fabric is very effective in that it absorbs sweat and moisture and as a result ensure your horse doesn’t get cold at the same time.

If you want something more unique and luxury in terms of it’s look, the Kentucky Horsewear Stable Rug – Navy not only looks amazing but also features a most unique luxurious soft faux fur lining, which itself is able to prevent rubbing. This is a very strong and durable product and provides a maximum warmth to weight ratio at 400 grams per square meter of fibre fill. To touch, you’ll be most amazed by its soft and luxurious feel.

We also stock Kentucky Horsewear Under Rugs, a perfect choice of under rug with its luxurious soft breathable inner membrane; very effective in helping to keep your horse warm, comfortable and protected. This product also benefits in being breathable and also fast drying upon getting moist.

If you are worried on an under rug rubbing your horse. Then look no further. The Skin Friendly Under Rug is something else. With its soft faux fur lining and quilted shell. The skin friendly under rug is a must have for every caring horse owner.

Given the amount of usage horse stable rugs incur throughout the year, you very much get what you pay for. This is why we have been very careful and selective in assembling the range we currently offer. It is vital to ensure the stable rugs keep your horse comfortable in all conditions and temperatures and this is what we have strived to do with our current range and offering.

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