Horse Showjumping Pads

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Horse Showjumping Pads

Horse Showjumping Pads are as the name suggests a vital performance product in the world of showjumping. Not only are they necessary in jumping shows, but also pay an important part, when competing in eventing.  The showjumping pads can be worn for both the showjumping phase and cross country’s phase during any 1 day or 3 day event.

They are vitally important to ensure your horse is comfortable, when saddles might be adding unnecessary pressure to your horses back.

Having the right showjumping pad can work massively in helping to protect your horse and get the best results from your horse. The more comfortable your horse is, the better we would expect them to perform.

We offer a great range of Horse Showjumping Pads, made from a range of materials and all carrying a variety of finishes. We mainly stock Kentucky Horsewear Horse Showjumping Pads. Our Wool Showjumping Saddle Pad is a distinctive, unique product with its soft quilting and wool-effect look and available in dressage or jumping form. We offer this product in beige, grey, light blue and light pink.

A product very much solely made for competition, our Kentucky Horsewear Competition Saddle Pad has a great design which is easy to display numbers, complete with numbers supplied. It means you can easily display your starting number in a very stylish way and with the ability to tweak your overall design. This is also a very comfortable product for the horse, made from 43% nylon, 43% polyester and 14% spandex. Fully sized, they are stocked available in navy, black and white.

Our Kentucky Horsewear Intelligent Saddle Pad has an excellent design and is perfectly shaped for showjumping and provides superb cushioning between the horses back and saddle. It provides an extra layer of cushioning and yet doesn’t distort how it fits under the saddle and effectively reduces friction between the horses back and saddle.

When it comes to Horse Showjumping Pads, choose your pads carefully. After all, there are so many styles to choose from and in terms of function, numerous ways in which they work and attach to the body of your horse.

Whether you want something soft, something stylish, a velvet pad with matching bandages, there are numerous options available which can all enhance your overall riding experience, and make you stand out within a crowd.

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