Horse Whips

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Horse Whips

Just Equine have a great selection of horse whips, ideal for any horse riding discipline. We have whips ideal for riders of all levels, with whips for both junior and adult riders. Our range has been carefully and selectively assembled in order to offer riders the perfect, necessary level of choice.

A horsewhip works for a rider to use to encourage a horse to go forward, sideways, enable better engagement, and have similar intentions. Depending on the way you tap on a horse, this can signal to the horse the kind of instruction you are trying to make.

Our range spans the KM Elite Childs Junior Cush Grip Whip. This has been designed and manufactured to be durable and resilient without forfeiting comfort for the rider. This product also offers excellent value for money for the rider. The KM Elite Multi Crystal Dressage Schooling Whip 100cm is our ultimate product, made to a very high-end finish.

Right across our range, in particular all of our KM Elite range, we are able to offer whips in a great range of colours. Even though we do have junior whips, most are ideal for both junior and senior riders. Easy to use, they are overall an essential part of horse riding as we know it today.

Let us know if you have any questions about our Horse Whips and we will be more than happy to help you further.

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