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Competition Supplements & Products

Competition Supplements & Products include supplements containing vitamins and minerals that can very quickly make a rapid difference. As a result these supplements can improve the overall performance of your horse in a competition environment and of course at home. They can be especially effective in helping to enhance the overall strength and stamina of your horse as well as the general immunity of your horse. Competition horses can benefit from being fed competition supplements alongside a very well implemented training and exercise plan.

Equine America offers the very best products for helping with any Competition supplement requirements. Our Buteless Powder is a great product, and especially rich in Boswellia, MSM and Vitamin C. It is most effective in being able to support and soothe joints, muscles and tendons after work and provide extra comfort to older horses that may have mobility issues. Overall, this product is especially noted for being able to really help enhance the muscle comfort of a horse.

We also stock the highly rated Xtra Boost Hemogen Liquid. This contains a highly absorbable form of Iron, essential in the production of red blood cells for optimum performance levels. This is a great product and perfect in being able to encourage a horse to work harder and for longer and as a result, improve its overall levels of endurance.

Overall care and preparation is even more vital for horses involved in competition. Having and offering the right supplements can go a very long way in being able to enable this. Our offering of products can help a horse seamlessly through the stresses of training, travelling and competing and of course go a long way in helping to keep your horse in a peak overall condition.

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