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Digestive Health

Digestive Health is a important for the overall health of any horse. The equine digestive system is complex in how it works and is designed to process small amounts of feed frequently. The feed is then broken down and as a result the nutrients are then absorbed. Horses are able to digest their food much more effectively when it has been ground into small pieces, but it should always be dampend with water.

Equine America are a market leader for Digestive Health products for horse and ponies. This is the brand we trust and focus on. We carefully choose the best selection of products able to work with any horse. By providing you with as much information as possible we believe the site will help you make your decision, but rest assure we are always here to answer any questions.

Equine America Pro Gut Balancer helps promote an optimum digestive function and encourages energy production from dietary fibre sources. It can also work to boost a horses immunity. This product is great for competition horses and any horses undergoing a strenuous training regime on an on-going basis.

Equine America Liver Flush is a liquid product containing a unique combination of natural ingredients to support the vital functions performed by a healthy liver. Liver Flush can be super effective for horses and ponies that may have grazed on pastures at risk of Ragwort. For a 500kg horse, it is recommended to take this product twice a day to see the best results.

Overall, where Digestive Health can be something of an overlooked and forgotten area, Just Equine have a range able to suit any issues or requirements related to horse digestion. Our very carefully assembled range means we should be able to help for many issues you may be facing and can help your horse and pony back to full health.

Always remember that good digestive health plays an important role in a healthy horse and also promotes a strong immune system.

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