Horse Magnetic Boots, Bands & Wraps

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Horse Magnetic Boots, Pads & Wraps


Horse Magnetic & Therapeutic products have become more and more popular for horses in recent times. With riders and owners realizing the benefits of magnetic therapy for horses, the range is now very popular with the products being used every day worldwide. Explore our showcase above of horse magnetic boots, magnetic pads, magnetic bands, and wraps as well as much more above.

It is reported that magnetic boots and treatment will reduce swelling, aches, and discomfort and due to an increase in blood flow, will also help to increase stamina and endurance.  People report that magnetic therapy has helped relieve symptoms of stiff joints and general aches and pains, warming muscles before exercising and relaxing.

A great investment for any horse rider, the Recuptex range has an amazing overall ability to help aid injury, recovery, or simply keep your horse in top condition.

The products produced by Kentucky Horsewear and Finntack are by far the best on the market. Our Kentucky Horsewear Cryo Ice Boots are anatomically shaped and have the ability to keep cold for up to 40 minutes. Great for providing relief to tired bruised and swollen legs, the boots are able to give maximum comfort with even distributed pressure.

Another unique product is the Kentucky Horsewear Magnetic Stable Bandage Boots. Working to create a Faraday Cage around the legs or whereas the rug reflects the magnetic field back into the body. As a result, this stimulates the horses blood circulation or oxygen flow.

A very effective and affordable cooling product is the Finntack Pro Cooling Ice Wraps. Tough and durable, they are known for being able to keep soft and flexible even when frozen; perfect for use after a long ride, cross country course, and after a hard day jumping.

These wraps will reduce swelling with the use of cold therapy. The design also ensures that the Finntack Ice wraps are secured around the horses legs with four hooks and loop Velcro straps.

A relaxed and comfortable horse in peak overall condition will always be able to perform a great deal better than a tired horse feeling the effects of any kind of injury.

The Magnetic & Therapeutic products can provide the perfect way to help ensure your horse is running at its best and as a result can only help improve your horses’ overall performance.

Please remember that these products are for everyday use and not just professional use. Your horse will benefit greatly from any treatment you give at whatever level they are at.

Let us know if you have any questions about any of the Horse magnetic boots, magnetic bands, and magnetic wraps we have on offer and we will be more than happy to help you further.

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