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Horseshoe Studs & Accessories

Picking the correct horseshoe studs is almost a bit of an art. You need to know the surface you will be competing on before you stud your horse up. There is no point fitting pointed studs, to find out when you arrive at the ring, that the ground is soft at wet. A pointed stud will just rip through the ground and can almost make your horse look likes it’s dancing on ice.

What do Horseshoe Studs do?

A horseshoe stud is designed to give your horse grip on different types of surfaces when mainly show jumping or eventing. There are many studs to choose from, pointed, dome, oval, round, tungsten, the list goes on. The bigger the horseshoe stud, the more resistance the horse will have when pushing forward, but be warned. You do not want to over stud your horse as the saying goes.
Getting the ground right is crucial. I have spent years on show grounds, like Hickstead show ground, advising riders on what stud is best suited when jumping on grass. If you have time before you jump, it is always worth taking the time to look at what other riders are using before you. Did their horse slip? Did it jump well. All these little factors can help you ride a successful round and before you know it, you’ve won your class.

What Horseshoe Studs are the best?

Personally, I believe we have some of the best choice of studs on the market. Our range of stainless steel studs are strong and durable and do not rust.
For hard ground we would always suggest a pointed stud. The point of the stud is strong and will easily break the surface of the hard ground. Remember that an average sport horse of 16.1hh is usually 500kg, so with this weight and force going down through the stud, it will easily find its way into the ground.

For wet and very soft ground we would advise a round or dome stud. These horse studs will be more resistance when going into the ground and as a result will provide the horse with more grip when pushing forward.

Use a larger stud on the hind legs compared to that on the front as I believe this is where the driving force comes from to push the horse forward.

For riders that have two stud holes in each shoe, I would also advise using a dome or rounded stud on the inside. This can help prevent any injuries to horses that may cross their legs when jumping.
I would also advise that you try to balance the studs out. By this I mean mirror image each leg for the front and then on the back, and try to make sure the studs are of the same height.

It would not be wise to put a 35mm stud on the outside and a 1omm stud on the inside. This will create an unbalanced horse that could do serious injury to itself. Imagine if you had to walk in shoes that we uneven, it would not be comfortable at all.

When making your way down to the ring, try to walk the horse on the grass, until you get ringside or to the warm up. If you have to ride down on a concrete path to get ringside, I would advise you get off and lead the horse down to the ring or at least till you get back on grass.

Go to the horse show with a range of good studs for all types of weather and ground. Don’t just turn up with a few studs in your pocket and think it will be alright. Invest in a box or stud kit to keep your studs safe, the investment will reward you in the end.

Other items you will want in your stud kit, is a stud tap, to clean and refurbish damaged threads. A spanner, to allow you to tighten and loosen your horseshoe studs. Maybe a combined brush and pick, that allows your to clean your stud holes and finally some Horseshoe Sleeper Studs, to keep your stud holes clean after your have cleaned them out. Again, like all the above, the sleeper studs are made from stainless steel and will not rust in your stud holes. They are great for over night shows, travelling to and from and keep your stud holes clean at all time. Simply screw in and out like you would a normal stud.

The Stromsholm Stud Hole Tap is a very easy to use product with an easy-grip orange plastic handle. As a result, the bright coloured handle makes it difficult to lose in bedding and on grass surfaces. It is well priced, incredibly effective.

The stud tap is great where a rider or groom has cross threaded the original stud hole thread. Easy to use by a simple twist of the wrist and can set a new thread in minutes.

The Stud Hole Combined Wire Brush and Pick is a great tool for picking out dirt or stoppers and a wire brush for cleaning out threads. The wire brush is particularly effective for picking out any dirt particles as and when you may have been out riding in muddy conditions.

Reach out to us if you have any potential questions about our horse studs and accessories – we will be more than happy to help you further.

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