Studs & Accessories

We offer a wide range of horse studs & accessories for the equestrian market. Designed to provide essential grip during show jumping and eventing competitions. The selection we stock offers that competitive edge and as a result can help to improve your results during competitions. Specially selected for different types of ground. The studs will provide grip on wet, dry and hard ground and even sometimes road.

The Stromsholm Stud Hole Tap is a very easy to use product with an easy-grip orange plastic handle. As a result, the bright coloured handle makes it difficult to lose in bedding and on grass surfaces. It is well priced, incredibly effective.

The stud tap is great where a rider or groom has cross threaded the original stud hole thread. Easy to use by a simple twist of the wrist and can set a new thread in minutes.

The Stud Hole Combined Wire Brush and Pick is a great tool for picking out dirt or stoppers and a wire brush for cleaning out threads. The wire brush is particularly effective for picking out any dirt particles as and when you may have been out riding in muddy conditions.

A great addition to your grooming kit, a Wire Stud Hole Cleaner is perfect for any horse that has had stud holes fitted to its shoes. It is key to keep the stud holes clean, and free from small stones and dirt and this tool is very effective in doing the job.