Stable Apparel

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Our extensive range of practical horse stable apparel will help to keep your horse and yard stylish at home and at shows. Our current range features products manufactured by Kentucky Horsewear, featuring both basic and highly complex products in our range.

Our Kentucky Horsewear Nylon Hook And Ring is a highly useful product for no end of stable duties. It is perfectly designed for use at shows as well as in your own stable yard. Likewise, our Kentucky Horsewear Stable Guard helps ensure great ventilation for your horse stable and helps to keep your horse secure. This product can be bought as part of a set or on its own and custom embroidered to your own style.

Stable curtains are another major type of apparel we also sell. Our Kentucky Horsewear Stable Curtain can afford your horse with privacy and a well-deserved rest both away as well as at home. This is an easy to attach and assemble product and its snap hooks fit discreetly behind the flap to help keep the curtain looking neat and tidy. We also stock a Waterproof Stable Curtain which features five reinforced velcro tabs to easily attach to the stable. This product is able to protect your horse from the weather outside; perfect for use in wintertime.

Overall, regardless of the season or occasion, we have a great range of well crafted and manufactured high quality stable apparel to offer your horse a great deal of comfort. After all, this can make a great different to your horse and how comfortable it feels in its surroundings.

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