Dog Collars

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Dog Collars

We offer a great range of high quality dog collars that we have very carefully chosen from leading manufacturers Kentucky Dogwear and Pioneros. Dog collars are a important part of owning a dog and this is a range that we have very carefully assembled to ensure we are able to meet the needs of most typical dog owners.

Our Kentucky Dogwear Dog Collar Pearls collar offers a highly refined look, made from our well-known artificial leather. They are decorated with pearls with a particular design for each colour. Style is very much the essence with this collar and each collar has an attachment loop to attach the matching lead.

For something that offers great value for money, the Kentucky Dogwear Velvet Leather Dog Collar not only looks classy but is super comfortable around the dogs neck. Also, it has a hanger which can be engraved; perfect for keeping your dog safe at all times and perfect for creating a dog collar of sentimental value.

Pioneros is also another brand we retail. Pioneros Pampa Leather Dog Collars are incredibly popular and well known and noted for their polo look and style. Eye catching in their look and design, we have a great variety of these in stock and from sizes XXS to XL.

It makes great sense to choose your dog collars carefully given their use and function, the regularity of their use and the contact they have with your dog’s body. It helps to choose a collar that not only looks good on your dog but is also comfortable for your dog to wear time and time again.

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