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Flex-On horse riding stirrups

Flex-On are the brand name for tailor-made horse riding stirrups. In every sense of the word, you can literally customize Flex-On stirrups bespoke to your colourful requirements. A leading French brand. They have revolutionised the manner in which stirrups are worn by horse riders. A brand literally like no other.

In every sense of the word, you can literally customise the Flex-On Stirrups bespoke to your requirements. Decorative inserts, footrests, frames and shock absorbers are all customizable. As a result you can literally configure their stirrups to the style of your choice.

Flex-On has also long been famed for using only ethically sourced materials. Featuring a unique design that provides an amazing secure grip on the boot. Growing in popularity of the equestrian market over the recent years, Flex-On has been able to offer its own unique concept from which to stand out. Across its Aluminium and Green Composite ranges, design, comfort and performance are their three core principles.

Made in France, Flex-On is designed and built for equestrian sports. Jumping, Dressage and also Polo, Endurance, Trekking and more. The “Grip” or “Ultra-Grip” technologies used for the tread offer maximum grip for the rider. As a result this makes the Flex-On stirrups a high performance product.

Also a brand you can trust with no end of ambassadors, including Olympic eventing Gold Medalist.

Overall, should you want the ultimate design of stirrup and a product that is high performance then you really need not look further than this brand. This is definitely a brand for the future with an exciting product portfolio to come.

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