Flex-On Stirrups

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Flex-On Horse Riding Stirrups

Flex-On is the brand name for potentially the most comfortable horse riding stirrups around. Available in many styles and colours, the adult Flex-On Safety Stirrups and Children’s Flex-On Safety Stirrups are a great addition to the range.

Featuring a unique design that provides amazing secure grip on the boot. The Ultra-Grip technology used for the tread offers maximum grip for the rider. As a result this makes the Flex-On stirrups a high performance product.

Colourful and unique, the stirrups can be easily customized with the addition of the Flex-On Magnets. These attach easily on and off to all of the Flex On range.

Made in France, Flex-On is designed and built for equestrian sports. Jumping, Dressage and also Polo, Endurance, Eventing and more.

We stock a great range of horse riding stirrups and Flex-On continue to be one of our best sellers and available for next day delivery in the UK.

Across its Aluminium and Green Composite ranges, design, comfort and performance are their three core principles.

As a result, should you want the ultimate design of stirrup and a product that is high performance then you really need not look further than the Flex-On brand. A brand for the future with an exciting product portfolio to come.

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