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Stud Girths & Stud Guards

Girths and Stud Guards play a super important role in horse riding. Unless bareback riding, without a girth, you have no means to attach the saddle and fix it in place. Most girths today, fasten both side and as a result evens the pressure distributed across the horses belly. Girths & Stud Guards and Stud Girths all play different roles in horse riding.

As mentioned above a girth is important at keeping the saddle in position. Now available in many shapes and sizes, colours and materials, we hold many girths in stock to choose from.

The Kentucky Sheepskin Girth is a great everyday riding girth that is soft on the horses skin. Elasticated at both ends and machine washable, it is a customer favourite with horse owners.

Looking for something more stylish for the shows. Then check out the Kentucky Sheepskin Anatomic Girth. Backed with Kentucky’s soft durable artificial sheepskin on a Velcro vegan friendly leather girth, these are a competition favourite and used by amateur’s and professional riders worldwide. The artificial sheepskin is easily removed and is machine washable. Spare sheepskin covers are available for sale in our store and online.

For value for money, the Memory Foam Girth from KM Elite Products is great for horses that do not need the layer of sheepskin, but are looking for a girth that will help them perform. With its outer layer of Coolmax, the memory foam molds to the horse and as a result is super comfortable and fully breathable. It is also thankfully available in Dressage Shape.

In Dressage Girths we also have the Equiport Dressage Girth and the Kentucky Short Sheepskin Girth. Both comfortable, these are the perfect girths for dressage riders.

Also available are the Kentucky Stud Guards and Stud Girths. The Event Short Stud Guard is perfect for jumping and will fit the monoflap saddles, where as the Stud Guard Girths has longer straps and fits a GP saddle.

Alternatively, the Kentucky Horsewear Sheepskin Anatomic Short Leather Girth is the ultimate luxury girth. Specially shaped and designed to follow the horse’s natural movement. The girth is easy to maintain and is supplied with two detachable sheepskin covers.

As you will see from above there are many girths to choose from. Investing time and research will help your horse no end. Having the correct girth or stud guard can definitely increase your horses overall performance.

To free up the movement look for a girth with a more advance cut, otherwise known as “Anatomic”.

Sheepskin will be needed if your horse has sensitive skin and you wish to protect the horse from rubs and sores.

It is advised that a Stud Guard or Stud Girth should be worn for jumping phases in both Show Jumping and Eventing. This will protect your horse from marking or studding its self when jumping on grass and studs are being used. These girths protect your horses stomach when the horse bends its front legs over the jump.

Overall, our range is able to suit horses that ride in all disciplines. Let us know if you have any questions about any of our horse stud guards.

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