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Dog Beds

Dog beds from leading manufacturer Kentucky Dogwear is a must have brand. Using high end textiles and fabrics. The Kentucky Dogwear selection of Dog Beds is by far some of the most luxury beds on the market.

The faux fur cave, feels like real fur, but no harm has come to any animal. Made from soft luxury imitation fur, it is a keen favourite with any dog in the house. The faux fur is great for dogs with sensitive skin and you will often find then nuzzling deep into the fur. The dog bed Cave is simple to wash and we wash ours on a wool wash 30 degrees with an anti bacterial rug wash.

The Dog Bed Donut is one of the latest beds to the Kentucky Dog Bed Range. Arriving vacuum packed, its amazing to watch the dog bed grow when it comes out of its packaging. Soft and fluffy, I believe this will be our best seller in 2021. Dogs just love to curl up in the middle of the bed and let the soft cuddly faux fur wrap around them. Pure luxury!

The Dog Bed Igloo is the perfect furry den for your canine companion. Thanks to Kentucky’s faux fur, the dogs love the feel of the soft artificial fur and also love curling up in their little peaceful hideaways. Check them out, it could be everything your dog is dreaming of.

We continue to add to the range and will always look for something new to bring happiness to your dogs sleep and relaxation time.

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