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Horse Jump Boots & Eventing Boots

Horse Eventing Boots are an essential bit of protection when it comes to the world of Eventing. Also known as Cross Country Eventing Boots, they are a very strong and versatile type of horse boot able to provide maximum protection, when the horse is galloping.

Light and strong, our boots are breathable and utilize the latest technologies and fabrics. As a result, maximum comfort and protection allows the horse to perform to a much higher level.

The Kentucky Horsewear Eventing Boots are among the very best eventing boots on the market today that are perfect and best suited for cross country riding.

Offering outstanding performance and protection, they are made from a unique protective material that allows the legs to breathe whilst repelling water. They have been extensively tested and developed to a large extent and hence this is why they are a boot of choice for top-level competitors all around the world in all of the major competitions.

They provide a perfect fit and follow the contours of the leg. Strong Velcro straps ensure the boots stay properly in position and do not rub during active use.

Also available in Brown. The Air Tech Eventing Boots have become a stand out product and they have really set new standards in the eventing world. Remember, the Kentucky Eventing Boots offer the very best levels of protection and are also lightweight, breathable and of course do not absorb water.

The boots protect vital ligaments and tendons and they are able to ward off the risk of serious injury to your horse; something which is crucial when riding cross-country. As always the boots have been extensively trialled by top professional riders before coming on to the market so you can be sure the product you choose will be fit for use straight out of the box.

In times of fast and intense use as well as impact, this is where it really does pay to invest in the right pair of eventing boots. They can after all make a vast difference to both how well your horse is able to move and how well protected your horse will be from sustaining an injury.

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