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Equine Cortaflex

Cortaflex & Joint Health go hand in hand. For general joint health or for specific issues related to this, Cortaflex offers the perfect range of products. Joint health overall is a key aspect to any horse, animal and actually yourself. People. Strong joint health and ensuring joints are well maintained can have a significant effect on the longevity, performance and also wellbeing of a horse or mammal.

Cortaflex and Equine America are innovators when it comes to Joint Health supplies and supplements. Our Cortaflex Ultra Strength Capsules are great for people. Easy to use and simple to take and suitable for everyday use. This is a fast acting product with clinically proven ingredients and as a result allows for a time-released breakdown of the protective capsule layer, delivering the contents progressively over time.

A highly popular product is our Equine America Cortaflex Powder, available in 250g for a months supply and up to 3.6kg for 16 months supply for the average 500kg horse. Unique in that it delivers the smaller key actives of Glucosamine and Chondroitin and offers a very straightforward means of absorption.

Overall, it is uniquely different from the rest of the joint supplements on the market and very much ideal for those stiff joints in horses, that have experienced excessive wear and tear over time.

Joint Health is not something to ignore and it’s definitely an area worth investing time and money into. For the enhanced and prolonged health of your horse and of course yourself or dog, it is worth taking the time to research what you think is the best option. Supplementing with regular feed with a tailored formulation rich in natural goodness can make all the difference in ensuring you and you horse or dog is able to operate to an optimum level of performance.

Another great fact about the Cortaflex Range is that a 30day money back guarantee is offered on many of their products.

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