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Half Pad Thin

A Thin Half Pad can offer important protection for your horses back. These days there are many half pads to choose from. Some thin, some thick, shock absorbing and memory foam to name just a few. Not long ago, the Half Pad became a very fashionable item to be worn when riding, but as fabrics have moved on, you will now find that half pads can not only protect the horse, but can also help to improve performance by reducing pressure points under the saddle.

A day of jumping, eventing and training can be tiring on your horses back. Wearing a half pad can reduce the wear and have many benefits throughout the day. Whether you chose a Half Pad Thin or a Half Pad Thick is purely down to your horse and fit of your existing saddle.

Like us, horses change shape throughout the year and so it can be necessary to change your half pad from time to time. A well fitting saddle where a rider would like to add a layer of protection should look towards this range of Thin Half Pads. The Kentucky Sheepskin Anatomic Half Pad is a perfect choice. Stylish and comfortable the half pad is finished with artificial sheepskin that adds style to your look. The pad is made up of shock absorbing layers that benefit your horse whilst riding.

If you are looking for a half pad to fill dips along your horses back, then check out the Memory Foam Half Pad Thin. An amazing design where the memory foam warms to the horses back and fills the voids under the saddle, providing ultimate comfort and shock absorption. The great thing about the Intelligent Memory Foam Half Pad is that it continues to adjust to the shape of a horse, which can be important whilst they are growing and changing shape. The memory foam pad will continually mold to the horse’s back to distribute pressure evenly. Available in both Thick and Thin and also easy to care for. The memory foam is removable and can be taken out before washing.

Our carefully assembled range means you should be able to find something to help meet your requirements that suit your horse.

Reasonably priced, the Anatomic Half Pad is also able to reduce pressure points and offer great levels of shock absorption. The outer lining, known as the Absorb fabric is also most unique and effective as it has a special micro-fibre with ventilation holes making it quick drying and also has great anti-slip properties.

Are Half Pads Important?

We believe Half pads are vitally important for all types of horse riding. After all, they bridge the contact between rider and horse and having the right half pad can make no end of a difference to the overall riding experience. Having the incorrect half pad or not actually having one can both cause pain to the animal as well as hamper the overall riding and performance of the horse. Should you have any questions, please feel free to call us.

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