Horse Quarter Rugs

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Horse Quarter Rugs, also known as exercise sheets are designed to keep your horse or pony warm and dry. Of course with the benefit of looking extremely stylish.

Quarter Rugs are a very popular type of product used by horse riders of all levels. Perfect for cooler temperatures, quarter sheets can be worn while riding out, exercising and can keep your horse warm whilst letting it still move about freely.

Our current range of quarter rugs are wholly from Kentucky Horsewear who themselves make some of the very best horse rugs today. We also offer them in a range of styles and colours.

The Kentucky Horsewear Heavyweight Fleece Quarter Rug in Grey attaches to the saddle and has a fleece fabric which helps keep your horse warm on colder days. It has the same look and feel of a wool rug and features two Velcro fastenings to attach to the saddle and tail cord.

For something with a smart and unique look and style, our Kentucky Horsewear Quarter Rug in Black has a luxury soft faux fur lining and offers the ultimate level of comfort. The uniqueness of the faux fur lining is it is soft on the most sensitive skin and able to prevent the rug from rubbing.

For something to use all year round, you should look no further than the Kentucky Horsewear All Weather Quarter Rug, with its triple layer membrane, waterproof and breathable fabric. It’s made from a super soft material and for any horse offers excellent levels of comfort thanks to its unique inner lining.

For ease of use, there are two velcro fastenings which attach to the saddle and as a result, keep the exercise sheet in position.

Quarter rugs are a massive part of horse riding today and are ever popular, especially during the colder months. Choosing the right quarter rug for your horse can prove to be a very wise investment given the added comfort they can offer and improved performance this can also enable.

Discover our range of Horse Quarter rugs. Get in touch with any potential questions you might have about our horse rugs, we’ll be happy to help you further.

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