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Horse Walker Rugs are an everyday product that are able to give a full range of shoulder movement. Through their design, they are perfect for use everyday. In terms of their design, they are designed in a way that the shoulders won’t rub against the rug and hence they are ideal for horses with sensitive skin that may be prone to getting bald spots. The soft fabric on their shoulders and chest helps prevent the rug rubbing against the horse when walking or moving around.

Our Kentucky Horsewear All Weather Walker Rug is a well-manufactured product with a waterproof and breathable three-layer membrane fabric. It keeps the horse’s shoulders free and has a front closure design, surcingles and tail cord. Internally, it also has an artificial faux fur lining that is able to deliver extra warmth and create tiny little air pockets against the horse’s body. This product is available in three sizes 6’3 (140 cm), 6’6 (145 cm) and 6’9 (155 cm), ideal for horses large and small.

More luxurious in terms of its overall appearance, the Kentucky Horsewear Walker Rug is filled with 160 grams of fibre fill and also lined with a faux rabbit skin lining. This lining is highly effective and is able to keep your horse at a comfortable temperature when it is cold. It features an anatomic design and is fitted with a strong and secure front closure and two surcingles and a plastic-coated tail cord to help prevent the rug from slipping when the horse is moving.

Overall, this is a highly essential product, especially in wintertime. With the right choice of horse walker rug, you really can make a difference not only to your horse’s comfort but also help you better preserve your horse’s fur coat; this is just one of the reasons not to hold back in choosing the perfect product.

Reach out to us if you have any questions about any of the horse walker rugs for sale and we’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

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